Augusta Fiberglass Expands and Improves its Pipe Winding Capacity. Augusta Fiberglass.

Augusta Fiberglass Expands and Improves its Pipe Winding Capacity

October 20, 2016

As part of its ongoing plan to maintain the highest quality and production capacity in the fiberglass and dual laminate industries, Augusta Fiberglass and its sister company B&D Plastics have added new state of the art pipe winders to the arsenal of equipment at the Augusta Fiberglass home plant in Blackville, S.C. and at B&D Plastics in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

While pipe production has always been a staple of the Augusta Fiberglass / B&D product lines, the addition of the new equipment means that pipe in lengths up to 40’ and in any diameter can now be produced with even greater quality and at a faster pace. Augusta Fiberglass and B&D Plastics have craftsmen with decades of experience who are highly qualified and skilled in the fabrication, repair and installation of pipe and duct of all sizes. The new fiberglass pipe winders will greatly enhance their ability to bring their skills and knowledge to bear for customers.

In addition, B&D Plastics excels in the production of dual laminate pipe and in the repair and installation of that pipe. Customers who need pipe or duct can look to many successful projects completed by Augusta Fiberglass and B&D Plastics, on time, safely and to specification. From the smallest duct and pipe to duct for power plants that exceeds 20’ in diameter, these 21st Century fiberglass / dual laminate pioneers have led and are leading the way. The new pipe winders strengthen their offerings of pipe and duct.

But production of pipe is not the whole story. Both Augusta Fiberglass and B&D Plastics have teams with decades of experience and knowledge in the installation and repair of pipe and duct. From small repairs and emergencies to the creation, transportation and installation of duct with diameters in excess of 20’ Augusta Fiberglass and B&D Plastics have been there when needed with skilled, safe crews who understand and appreciate the customer’s need for quality, to spec work.

Augusta has also made it easier for customers to obtain project pricing. Use of the quote form on the Augusta website immediately connects engineers and project managers with the best team of engineers and sales associates in the fiberglass industry.

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