Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Products for the Power Industry. Augusta Fiberglass.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Products for the Power Industry

  • Duct
  • Stack Liners
  • Scrubbers
  • Jet Bubbling Reactors

Jet Bubbling Reactors

Jet Bubbler Reactor Under Construction
A Finished Jet Bubbling Reactor Built By Augusta Fiberglass – 119 Feet Diameter By 64 Feet Tall

The jet bubbling reactor (JBR) process is favored by modern power company for SO2 removal. The so-called “jet bubbling zone” is formed, when flue gas vigorously bubbles through the surrounding liquid, thus creating a large gas/liquid interfacial area for SO2 absorption. Augusta Fiberglass was selected by the top energy providers to provide the exceptionally large fiberglass structures needed for the JBR process. Augusta Fiberglass engineers designed and patented unique methods and equipment making it possible to produce reliable buildings. To date, Augusta Fiberglass has provided 7 of the vessels each of which is one of the world’s largest fiberglass structures.

Stack Liners

11 Miles of Augusta Fiberglass Stack Liners Over 20′ in Diameter Serve America’s Power Industry

power-generationDesigning, constructing and installing liners for chimneys used by the power industry presents many challenging issues. Only the very best engineers and craftsmen are qualified to undertake these demanding projects., Augusta Fiberglass and its engineers who have years of hands on experience designing, fabricating and installing liners for the power industry are well positioned to provide these products to any industry that needs to use a dependable chimney exhaust system with a Fiberglass liner.

Augusta Fiberglass builds chimney liners to the highest standards including ASTM 5364 and ASCE 7. By using finite element analysis, Augusta Fiberglass can ensure that the liner will stand up to the demands of service and to the dynamics of load conditions. Liners constructed with Augusta Fiberglass attention to detail will meet and overcome temperature and seismic forces.

The tightening of EPA and other environmental laws and regulations means that industries must prepare for tougher rules. Using Augusta Fiberglass as the source for chimney liners insures that the finished product will comply with ASME, ASTM and ASCE standards.

Sample Project for the Power Generation Industry

Stack-Liner-9_RetouchA customer in the power generation industry needed a flue gas desulfurization system built and installed for one of their power plants. Augusta Fiberglass was contracted to perform all of the required work, which included fiberglass fabrication as well as the installation and erection of the eight tanks. The tanks varied in size from 169,200 gallons with a 30 F′ O.D to 404,200 gallons with an O.D. of 42′. Fabrication was performed in the Augusta Fiberglass facility using a Magnum Venus vertical winder, a a 30’diameter X 40′ mandrel, and a Nol-tec horizontal winder with a 42′ diameter X 41′ mandrel. The tanks were constructed of fiber reinforced plastic, with a resin gel-coating on the exterior. Hydrostatic and emissions testing was part of the QC procedure. All fabrication activity was recorded throughout fabrication and assembly, and individual turn-over packages were submitted for each tank.On-site installation involved the use of a crane and riggers, which AFC supplied with full lift plans that included rigging and lifting drawings as well as operations and maintenance manual. AFC also provided the on-site labor that completed the tank joint assembly. For more information see the table below or contact us directly.

Highlights Of this Custom Fabricated Fiberglass Project

Product Description

This Flue Gas Desulfurization Project is used to remove sulfur dioxide (SO2) from exhaust flue gases of fossil-fuel power plants.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Fiberglass Fabrication
Field Fabrication

  • Design Calculations
  • FEA
  • AutoCAD Drawings

Dedicated On-site; Project, QA/QC, & Safety Managers
Tank Assembly to include;

  • Cranes/Operator(s)
  • Rigging/Riggers, Engineered Lift Plans for assembling tank components
  • P3 Scheduling and on-site labor to perform FRP assembly joints.


  • QA/QC Policies and Procedures were recorded throughout the fabrication and assembly. Individual turnover packages were submitted for each tank.
  • Hydrostatic & Acoustic Emissions testing was performed on each tank.

Operation & Maintenance Manuals were provided for each tank

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

(1) Magnum Venus Vertical Winder
(1) Nol-tec Horizontal Winder

(1) 30’dia. X 40′ Vertical Mandrel
(1) 42’dia. X 41′ Vertical Mandrel

System Components/Dimensions

169, 200 Gallon Limestone
Slurry Transfer Tanks (2)

  • O.D.: ø 30′
  • SSH: 34′

169, 200 Gallon Limestone Slurry
Storage Tanks (2)

  • O.D.: ø 30′
  • SSH: 34′

342, 200 Gallon Gypsum Slurry
Transfer Tanks (2)

  • O.D.: ø 42′
  • SSH: 35′

404, 200 Gallon Return Water
Storage Tanks (2)

  • O.D.: ø 42′
  • SSH: 41′

Material Used

Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Material Finish

Resin Gel-Coating to Exterior

Industry for Use

Pollution Control Industry
Waste Elimination Industry
Environmental Control Industry


May 2010 – June 2011
Personnel: 25 people
Shifts: 6 days/week, 10 – 12 hours/day

Delivery Location

Juliette, Georgia

Standards Met

Customer supplied specifications

Product Name

FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization) Project

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