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Wastewater Treatment


Custom Fabricated Tank for Wastewater Treatment

The products shown here were custom molded for use as fluid transmission components in a waste water treatment plant. The customer required components with piping thicknesses that would be suitable for ±16″ WC, and durable enough for years of maintenance free use. With this information as well as the rest of the supplied specifications we fully engineered all of the components as well as material selection.

The design that we submitted to the customer for approval called for the use of a DION 9300 FR resin with 3% antimony trioxide. The liners were composed of a fiber reinforced plastic with a corrosion barrier, while the exterior was coated with a custom color matched gel coat with a UV-9 inhibitor. All of the components where manufactured using our state of the art contact molding capabilities per NBS 15-69, and ASME standards. For more on these custom molded resin and fiber components, see the table below or contact us directly.

Highlights of this Custom Molded Resin & Fiber Components Project


 Product Description

 These molded components are used for fluid transmission in the waste water treatment production process.


 Capabilities Applied/Processes


Design & Engineering

  • All aspects of design were performed to meet customer specifications
  • CAD drawings
  • Calculations

Contact Molded per NBS 15-69


  • Submittals were provided to meet customer specs
  • Certificate of proper installation
  • Drawings: detailed and general layout
  • Material cut sheets
  • Resin recommendation
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Laminate samples
  • Testing Certificates
  • QC reports and schedules


 Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

 State-of-the-art manufacturing facility with latest technology of resin/glass application


 Overall Part Dimensions

 Piping Thickness: Suitable for ±16″ WC +100 MIL Corrosion Barrier


 Tightest Tolerances

 All tolerances set forth by ASTM standards were maintained


 Material Used

 Resin: DION 9300 FR w/ 3% Antimony Trioxide
Liner: Fiber Reinforced Plastics w/ a Corrosion Barrier


 Material Finish

 Custom color match gel coat with UV-9 inhibitor


 Industry for Use

 Waste Water Treatment


 Delivery Location



 Standards Met

 Customer supplied specifications


 Product Name

 Waste Water Piping, Duct, Hood/Tanks


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