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Stacks & Stack Liners


Manufacturing of Custom Stacks & Stack Liners

Augusta Fiberglass engineers and manufacturers fiberglass chimneys, stacks and stack liners that are either free standing or supported. We have the experience to design virtually any size necessary to accommodate the exhaust stream from almost any process.

Augusta Fiberglass uses filament winding or hand lay-up techniques during stack fabrication. Joints are either butt & wrap type or flanged connections.

When designing our stacks, Augusta Fiberglass uses a combination of engineering and design standards including ASTM 5364 ASCE 7 & IBC.. For large or complex systems AFC relies on finite element analysis to determine the dynamics of the stack under load conditions.

Stacks can be fitted with grounding systems, lights, ladder and platform systems, guy cables, and support rings along with many other accessories to meet the customer’s requirements.

Due to the tightening of compliance with environmental laws and regulations, there has been resurgence in the FRP chimney liner market for use in wet and dry FGD systems. FRP has a proven track record in chimney liner service and is much more cost effective than corrosion resistant metallic liners. The cost of systems using C-276 and other alloys is often more than three times as expensive to procure and install, and offers no advantages to warrant the extra cost.

FRP has emerged in this market as the material of choice for performance reasons and cost. The operational characteristics of FRP are superb and the cost savings are very significant when compared with other materials. With environmental regulations driving the compliance time line, power plant owners, engineering firms and constructors are all noting the benefits of fiberglass reinforced plastics.


Custom Chimney Stack & Stack Liner Products & Capabilities




Custom Stack & Stack Liner Products

Chimney Liners, Stacks, Stack Liners, Free Standing, Supported


Liner Resistance

Abrasion, Chemical


Stack Accessories

Grounding Systems, Lighting Protection Sustem, Ladders, Platforms, Guy Cables, Support Rings, Round Breach, Rectanglar Breach, Flanged Nozzle, Liquid Collection System, Inspection Ports, Rain Hoods


Stack Design

Finite Element Analysis


Fabrication Processes

Filament Wound Contact Molded, Hand Lay-Up, Spray-Up


Materials Used

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic


Standards Met

ASTM D5364 (Plastic Chimney Liners), ASTM D3299 (Filament Wound), ASTM D4097 (Contact Molded)


Quality Assurance

Thickness, Visual Inspection, Dimensional, Burnout


Equipment Used

Molds, Mandrels, Shop Filament Winders, Mobile Filament Winders, Computerized Synchronizec Material Application Sytems, Contact Molded Laminating Equipment, Chopper Guns


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