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Pipe, Duct & Hoods

FRP Piping Products. Augusta Fiberglass is a leading FRP Pipe, Duct and Fiberglass Hood Manufacturer.

Custom Design & Manufacturing of FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic)
Pipe, Duct & Hood Products

Augusta Fiberglass engineers and manufactures custom-made pipe for a variety of applications. Typically engineered with safety factors of 10:1 against pressure and 5:1 against vacuum, AFC’s pipe surpasses the performance of commodity piping systems at a comparable and often lower cost.

AFC can fabricate pipe and duct in virtually any diameter and up to 60 feet in length. Chemical resistant piping will be filament wound or contact molded depending upon the design conditions specified. To reduce field assembly time and project cost AFC can “pre-spool” your order in the longest practical shippable lengths. Joints either can be butt & wrapped or flanged.

With the ability to manufacture from a variety of thermoset resins, FRP pipe and duct outperforms other materials of construction in a broad spectrum of corrosive environments and temperatures. The addition of abrasion resistant material to the inner liner enhances the ability to perform in the aggressive scrubbing media needed to obtain a “green” environment.

The smooth, seamless interiors of FRP pipe and duct can reduce operational and maintenance costs.

FRP duct is usually manufactured with a round cross section, but oval and rectangular duct is also available with fittings that are available in most any configuration. For fume collection or containment, Augusta Fiberglass manufactures FRP hoods to any design or specification.

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Industrial Pipe, Duct & Hoods Products & Capabilities




 Custom Industrial Products

Pipe, Duct, Hood & Flanges Connections



Butt & Wrap, Flanged Connections


 Liner Resistance

 Abrasion, Chemical


 Services Offered

Custom Fabrication, Manufacture, Deliver & Assemble



Filament Wound, Contact Molded


 Materials Used

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Dual Laminate



 Round, Rectangular, Cylindrical



Air, Liquid, Fume Collection, Containment


 Pressure Safety Factor



 Vacuum Safety Factor




Up to 60 Feet, (Please Contact AFC Sales)


 Industry Standards Met

ASTM D3982, PS 15-69


 Quality Assurance

Per Reference Standards, Customer Specifications & AFC Manual


 Additional Services Offered

Engineering, Design & Field Services


 Equipment Used

Mandrels, Shop Filament Winders, Mobile Filiment Winders, Computerized Synchronized Material Application Systems, Contact Molded Laminating Equipment, Chopper Guns


 Production Volume

Single to Large Volume


 Industries Served

Chemical Processing, Water Treatment,
Air Pollution, Environmental Control, Pulp & Paper, Food & Bevarage, Pharmaceuticals, Metals, Plating


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