Augusta Fiberglass and B&D Plastics Expanding West. Augusta Fiberglass.

Augusta Fiberglass and B&D Plastics Expanding West

September 6, 2016

The strategic alliance formed between Augusta Fiberglass and B&D Plastics continues to advance into new frontiers by expanding into the Angleton Texas area.

Under the leadership of John Boyd and Tom Reeves this powerful team of companies has for decades offered the highest quality of products and service throughout the United States and beyond. With the addition of the Angleton Texas office, Augusta Fiberglass and B&D Plastics will now offer its services and products to Western markets from a more convenient location. Drawing on a rich experience in the areas of inspection repair and field modification of Fiberglas and dual laminate equipment, this is a natural move that will benefit customers throughout Texas and beyond.

With B&D Plastics having earned the right to certify Fiberglas and dual laminate vessels as RTP-1, the product offering from Blackville South Carolina, the home office of Augusta Fiberglass and Ocean Springs Mississippi the home office of B&D Plastics and the new facility in Angleton Texas is unrivaled in the industry.

Since the Angleton team will initially concentrate on field work, it is worth noting that from its inception 40 years ago Augusta Fiberglass has led the industry in those services. This includes the repair and maintenance of Fiberglas vessels, duct, scrubbers and other equipment regardless of the original manufacturer as well as the field fabrication and assembly of large, complicated Fiberglas vessels. B&D Plastics has extensive experience on its own and can also quickly draw from its relationship with Augusta Fiberglass. Augusta Fiberglass has a team already on hand in Ocean Springs where shop fabricated vessels are created and crews are ready to move out at a moment’s notice. The Texas facility will place those same talents readily at hand to the industries in Texas and beyond.

The facility at Angleton Texas, which is already fully staffed and equipped for any field work that might be needed, will soon grow to include up to date shop fabrication facility complete with a full complement of mandrels, chopper guns, cranes and skilled workmen to use them

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