About Augusta Fiberglass Award Winning FRP Tank Manufacturer in Blackville South Carolina.


The Augusta Fiberglass Story

Headquartered in South Carolina on a 94 acre site and having more than 300,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space under roof, Augusta Fiberglass annually converts millions of pounds of thermoset resin and fiberglass fabric into custom designed and manufactured FRP equipment. This equipment satisfies a sophisticated marketplace eager for solutions to their material handling and corrosion problems.

Having manufactured the world’s largest FRP vessel, no project or piece of equipment is too large for Augusta Fiberglass. To fabricate corrosion and abrasion resistant stack liners, tanks, scrubbers or other equipment that is too large for transport, Augusta Fiberglass has constructed and maintained numerous temporary on-site manufacturing facilities encompassing hundreds of thousands of square feet under roof.

AFC’s engineers, designers, technicians and craftspeople combine technical expertise with on-the-job knowledge and experience. The “old fashioned” work ethic is still very much alive and has been merged with state of the art techniques to enable Augusta Fiberglass to produce the most economical and reliable product on the market today. AFC’s staff of quality assurance and safety professionals completes the manufacturing team which is unparalleled in the industry.

In its leadership role as a quality manufacturer, Augusta Fiberglass has maintained the ASME RTP-1 Accreditation since 1995.

AFC’s expertise in the use of a multitude of different resin and catalyst formulations allows us to produce equipment with the ultimate resistance to chemical attack at the most economical price. The engineers at Augusta Fiberglass are experienced in the proper use of vinyl ester, polyester and furan resins and will guide you in the selection of the proper material for your process needs. AFC can provide fire retardant laminates and laminates manufactured with FDA approved materials. Description: pdf Reichhold Chemicals’ DION 9102 (PDF – 258KB) has the NSF 61 approval for contact with portable water and is among the resin systems routinely used at Augusta Fiberglass.